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Advertising Workshop Showcase 2017: ADMAZON

Graduating students from the Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University exhibited their Advertising Workshop Showcase at The Residence, Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel from 11.30 -...

This new world is called the world of choices where consumers own the almighty power. It is the power that is not anything close to absolute but it is the power that is continually shifting and changing. The consumers can choose the product that they prefer anywhere wi...

 When the special elements of the triangle have been collided with four heroes, the ideas are transformed, and remarkable campaigns happen.

 In the world of advertising, an idea that is worth sharing is an idea that is fresh, new and innovative. Very much alike chefs who carefully prepare fine ingredients to discover new flavours and to find the prefect balance for their signature dish.

In scientific theory, Big Bang is the effect of explosion that creates new life. The balloons represent the concept of Big Bang showing the spread of Advertising students' ideas and passions around each different planet which are Sprinkle, MK, and Soldato planets....

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