Frequently asked questions

Major Selection

When can I select the major?

In order to select a major, you have to earn at least 36 credits for student ID 5xx-xxxx or 24 credits for student ID 60x-xxxx. The 24 or 36 credits earned should be from the following courses;

  • BG1001 English I
  • BG1002 English II
  • BG1003 English III
  • CA1001 Introduction to Communication
  • CA1002 Introduction to Photography
  • CA1006 Introduction Intro to Journalism
  • CA2003 Presentation Technique
  • CA2004 Introduction to Advertising (CA1021 for students ID 60xx)
  • CA2005 Introduction to Public Relations (CA1022 for students ID 60xx)
  • CA2007 Introduction to New Media and Broadcasting (CA1024 for students ID 60xx
  • CA2015 Introduction to Performance Communication (CA1023 for students ID 60xx)
  • CA2013 Utilization of Multimedia (CA1025 for students ID 60xx)

When is the major selection and major change period?

Major selection and major change period is usually announced 2 weeks before midterm exam of each semester. Students may check announcement online at, and or offline at the office on 7th floor of CA building, and in front of the elevators in CA building.

What document do I have to prepare for the AD major selection or major change?

  1. Prepare the most up-to-date Unofficial Transcript

  2. Download the Major Selection and AD resume Form at,,

  3. Follow the instruction in the announcement of how to advertise yourself to make us fall in love in specified media formats (For instance, print, VDO, online clip, etc)

  4. Submit the all documents at CA Office (CA0701) in the provided box following the stated deadline in the announcement.


How many credits do Advertising major students have to earn to graduate?

Advertising major students need to earn 129 credits to graduate. They need to pass Laguage Courses, Social Science Course, Humanities Courses, Science and Mathematics Courses, Core Courses, Major Elective Courses or Minor Courses, and Free Elective Courses with the grade from "A to D." They need to pass the Major Required Courses with the grade from "A to C."

What is the Major Required Courses?

The Major Required Courses is the courses that Advertising major students need to pass with the grade from "A to C." If the students get the lower grade than "C," they need to retake the course until they pass with at least "C" grade.

What is Major Concentration and Major Elective Courses?

Students need 15 credits to complete their Major Concentration or Major Elective Courses. Students can choose one of the two plans: Plan A-Major Concentration or Plan B-Major Elective courses. Students who choose Plan A must select their concentration as the area they want to have expertise in. All courses will be offered by the deparment. There are 3 concentrations for Plan A. Plan A1) Concentration in Strategic Integrated Marketing Communication Plan A2) Concentration in Brand Communication Plan A3) Concentration in Advertising Creative and Production Students who choose Plan B can select any courses offered in Plan B from every CA majors: Advertising (AD), Digital Media Communication (DM), Live Event Creative (LIVE), and Public Relation (PR).

Is there a Minor Program?

Students IDs 601-xxxx onwards can no longer have "minor program" instead they will have "Concentration" winthin their major. Their are 3 concentrations in the Advertising Department, offered under Plan A: Major Centration. Each concentration will give students the expertise in Advertising field. If students want to take the courses offered by other majors, they need to take Plan B.


How to contact lecturers?

Most of the lecturers have their contact information posted at their desks in the office on 7th floor, CA building. Students can look for lecturers' desk in the front of the office.