The Advertising Program of the School of Communication Arts aims to expose students to various forms of advertising media and advertising business and provide them with knowledge on how to apply their advertising knowledge and marketing principles when they practice their profession. Students also need to understand how culture and ethics play a major role in advertising to remain competitive locally and globally.


To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follow:

  • Have morals, ethics, public consciousness, and social responsibility in accordance with professional code of ethics.

  • Have well-grounded academic knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in the field of advertising, communication arts, management and business and able to work in the field of advertising business and communication in the society. 

  • Have the skill to analyze situations by appropriately applying their knowledge, reasoning, and judgment when they encounter situations in different social contexts, and cultures. 

  • Have a good personality with good social manners and able to appropriately work with people at all levels. - Able to continuously develop themselves academically and professionally. 

  • Have knowledge and ability to use basic mathematics to interpret data and analyze information for planning, management, and development. 

  • Make efficient use of information technology and foreign languages, especially English and able to communicate cross-culturally. 

  • Have creativity and communication skills for presentation.


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