Major Selection & Major Change 2/2019

Updated: Feb 6

If you have completed 36 credits for students ID5xx-xxxx,

or 24 credits for students ID 60x-xxxx

and want to join the Advertising family, please follow these steps :D

Step 1: Prepare your unofficial transcript.

Step 2: Download the

>> AD resume and

>> Major Selection/ Major Change form for student ID 55X-XXXX

>> Major Selection/ Major Change form for student ID 60X-XXXX

Fill in your information and print out the Ad resume and Major Selection/ Major Change form.

Step 3: Create an A4 Poster under the theme “Advertise yourself to make us fall in love with you.”

Step 4: Print your poster and submit at provided box.

Step 5: Submit your poster together with

1) unofficial transcript

2) AD resume

3) Major Selection/ Major Change Form at CA Office (7th Floor, CA Building)

between 4-26 February 2020.

The result will be announced on March 16, 2020 at CA office, CA FB Fanpage and website, and AD FB Fanpage and website.

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